Wine Maker’s Blog

Cynthia Bohn, Equus Run Vineyards

Cynthia Bohn of Equus Run Vineyards

Welcome to the Wine Maker’s Blog!  This is where the Equus Run Vineyards team and I will be providing insights into the wine world.  Posts will include a variety of topics related to the wine industry, with the main intent of providing our readers an entertaining look into the industry and Equus Run Vineyards!

I hope you will follow us on this journey as we continue our never-ending passion to work and create at Equus Run Vineyards!



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2 Responses to Wine Maker’s Blog

  1. jalina shultz says:

    i would love to come and see your vineyard take a tour and see the woman behind it all.

  2. Shady Orth says:

    Last year my sister and I took a Sunday rode trip to your Equus Run Vineyard. My main purpose was to purchase a case of your Derby Blush Wine for our Derby Party. We were met with a quaint little lady who was very educated in the wines of Equus and very interesting. Needless to say we stayed awhile tasting and talking about 2 1/2 hours. Also purchased a 18 bottles of the Derby Blush. We are planning on coming back down sometime this month.

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