Current Wine Offerings


Chardonnay- This medium-bodied Chardonnay has a bright apple and lemongrass

          finish to the nose.  It is a clean and crisp Chardonnay but has

          a softness to make it approachable. Hints of green apple and pear

          are tasted first, with floral notes on the finish. 

Sauvignon Blanc- A beautiful pale yellowed colored white wine with lots of acidity. 

          Herbacious and vegetal aromas pervade the nose.  An almost electric acidity pulses

          in the lemon and grapefruit notes on the palate.  It has a vivid freshness with a medium

          short finish.



 White Riesling- This semi-sweet wine has hints of banana in the nose with 

           tropical notes and a clean and refreshing finish.  It is the perfect picnic wine.

Summer White- A light refreshing semi-sweet white blend, offering lots of zesty citrus notes. 

          Wonderful orange blossom notes are introduced to the nose with competing hints 

          of honeydew melon.  This wine is a hit with those who prefer a sweet touch to their bottles. 



Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir- A very popular light bodied Rose'of

         Cabernet Sauvignon wine with a hint of black cherry and a tease of

         residual sugar finish.

Bacchus Blush-A sweeter rose' akin to White Zinfandel but more complex.  On the nose cantaloupe

         and citrus.  Bright red summer fruit such as fresh strawberries, watermelon abd cherry come

         forward on the palate.  An additional citrus component lies in the background suggesting 

         notes of lemon zest or grapefruit.    



Zinfandel- This deep red dry wine boasts jam and peppery tones wrapped in

          a pleasant finish aged in Hungarian Oak.

Tempranillo-  This medium-bodied red is of medium tannins.  The nose is of

          cherry and plums with hints of cloves.

Cabernet Sauvignon- A dry deep red wine, with a bouquet of dried fruits and a mix

          of ripe berries and fig. Well integrated oak, soft tannins

          and a long finish.  Aged perfectly in American and European Oak!

 Pinotage- Best described as pinot noir on steroids.  Developed in South African, this dry red is

          a cross of pinot noir and cinsaut (known in South Africa ast the time as hermitage, hence



Passionate Kiss  - Our popular dessert wine is a dark chocolate infused

           Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of vanilla bean.  It is the "Kiss

           you won't forget!!!"

Sweet Autumn-  Our dessert moscato wine is another sweet wine that has 

           lots of honey notes on the palate.  It pares well with melon,

           cheesecake and cookies and is also delicious with blue cheese.


*Subject to change based on availability. Not all wines are available at all times!               

Seasonal Selections- Time appropriate

Holiday Blush Holiday label with a horse in snow

Summer White-

Sweet Autumn-


*list updated 10-16-15