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April 12 Chautauqua Series Colonel Sanders

 How Kentucky Fried chicken became "Finger Lickin' Good!"


Harland "Colonel" Sanders

 Harland "Colonel" Sanders
Hard Work, Luck, and Perseverance

That special 11 herbs and spices blend that made Kentucky Fried Chicken famous world-wide, Harland "Colonel" Sanders' life was about much more than fried chicken. The man whose face became synonymous with "finger-lickin' good" chicken used hard work and perseverance to become recognized as Kentucky's most famous citizen.
Opening his restaurant business in Corbin, Kentucky with a lunchroom behind a service station, his customers made fried chicken the most popular item on the menu. He might have worked in that cafe forever if it weren't for the building of Interstate 75, forcing him to sell his place at auction.
In his mid-60s, Sanders decided to travel the country showing restaurants how to make Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken. While most men his age were retiring, Sanders continued doing what he did best, cooking and selling that delectable and "finger-lickin' good" fried chicken!

In support of the Kentucky Chautauqua program by the Kentucky Humanities, Equus Run presents a series of engaging stories of famous Kentuckians and their claim to fame brought to life by vibrant performers of history. The shows are spellbinding.
All shows are $10 and include a light meal. Doors open 6pm. Beer, wine and cocktails are available.